TA2 won 41st German Rock & Pop Prize

5 awards for TA2 at the 41st German Rock & Pop Prize 2023

You can read about it on the page Winners sorted by category: At the 41st German Rock & Pop Prize 2023, Peter Autschbach's TA2 won prizes in the categories: Best Fusion Jazz Rock Band and Best Fusion Jazz Rock Album. We were also awarded in the special categories Best Fusion Jazz Rock Song (Welcome Marta), Best Drummer (Jan Melnik) and Best Guitarist (Peter Autschbach). You can order the award-winning album here!

TA2 in Dinslaken

First tour just finished

We ended our very first tour with a total of 17 concerts on the evening of at Haus Siekmann in Sendenhorst. In the beautiful room of the fantastic sounding "Tenne", we gave the successful conclusion of the almost five-week trip in front of a very attentive audience. We would like to thank all visitors who listened intently to our concerts, supported us and helped us during this time. We are very proud and overjoyed that we were able to sweeten the increasingly difficult everyday life of well over 1,000 enthusiastic people with our music (and thus an unfortunately ever-decreasing part of the important music culture).

Some concerts for next year have already been confirmed. Haven't been to one of our concerts yet? Have a look here.
Have you already attended a concert? Please feel free to write in our guestbook and share your experiences with the world.
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TA2 CD Cover

The TA2 album!

We are endlessly proud and happy that our album is finally released after two years of fruitful collaboration. Audio samples can be found here. Our graphic designer Selina Peterson has really worked hard and conjured up a beautiful CD cover. We are all blown away by the colors and modern shapes that perfectly reflect our music. Be the first to hold the album in your hands! Thanks to Timezone-Records for the willingness to include our album in their program and thus make it available worldwide. On the 21st of April the Spotify premiere of our pre-release single "Welcome Marta" is going to take place. Here, you can "pre-save" the song 😊

TA2 Band

CD-Release on 19th of May

The first TA2 album will be called: TA2. Together with the label Timezone, we are looking forward to the upcoming release. The album will be released on all streaming platforms and additionally as a physical CD. There will be 11 songs - 9 of them are compositions by Peter - and 2 cover songs: "Love Games" by the British band Level 42 and "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix in a very different TA2 version. The album cover will - as always - be created by the extremely talented graphic designer Selina Peterson. As soon as TA2 is available, we will let you know immediately.

Jordan Proffer

TA2 is featuring Jordan Proffer (USA)

American drummer Jordan Proffer will hit the drums during our upcoming TA2 fall tour. Peter met the world-class drummer (he's from Dallas (TX)) in Romania when he was a jury member at the International Jazz Competition Bucharest. Jordan was so inspired and technically brilliant during the competition that it didn't take any thought to ask him if he would like to come to Germany for our tour in October. He said "YES!" and his plane tickets are already booked. We're looking forward to working with him.

TA2 goes on tour in 2023

It's official: We will go on tour in Germany in autumn 2023. We have kept the period from October 20th to November 12th free to play a concert every day. That, at least, is our declared goal. But the tour is growing and thriving splendidly, and there are always appointments added. Check out our concert dates — maybe we'll play near you too. We will be on the road in a tour bus, after the shows there will be a Meet & Greet and records will be sold diligently. However, the concerts during this period will not take place quite in our original line-up: Jordan Proffer from Dallas, Texas will accompany us on the drums, which we are very happy about. We look forward to seeing you!

Alte Schmiede in the Stöffelpark

Spring & Cool

The two beautiful songs 'Spring' and 'Cool', released on the album "Feelin' Dunk" recorded in 2002 (Peter Autschbach Projekt feat. Barbara Dennerlein), were unfortunately not performed very often. This is a pity for the excellent compositions, and with some effort it was possible to implement the titles with the current line-up. You can see how we did it here. We are very satisfied with the result! How do you like it?

Alte Schmiede in the Stöffelpark


Die-hard Peter Autschbach fans will know the piece: Dancing Medusa. The title, which appeared in 2000 on the album named "Under The Surface" of the Peter Autschbach Project, is reissued by TA2 and is the first video we shot about a week ago in the Stöffelpark. Click here for the video.

Alte Schmiede in the Stöffelpark

Video shoot in the Stöffelpark with new faces

Anyone who has followed our activities attentively will have noticed that we had a guest musician with us at our stage premiere: namely the percussionist José Cortijo! José's playing enriched our music so much that we decided to hire him for a complete video shoot. Back in the Alte Schmiede in the Stöffelpark, this time it was not our regular drummer Jan who set up his drums, but the long-time companion of Peter Autschbach Mario Brüninghaus, who already swirled the drumsticks for Peter at the turn of the millennium and recorded all albums of the Peter Autschbach project until 2003. As support in harmonic matters, we invited none other than Jan Schrüllkamp, who did an absolutely solid job to put a third voice or chords beneath the music. In a few days you will be able to admire the videos again on our site or on YouTube.

Stöffelpark in good weather

Stage premiere of TA2

Oh yes, the Stöffelpark really impressed us. Right from the founding of the band it was clear: We would perform at least in the famous practice for occupational therapy of Hans Ruppert. In his practice, well-known artists perform at regular intervals. Once a year, however, Hans Ruppert organizes the "Jazztival", which will take place today in our beloved Stöffelpark. The weather forecast is promising, and a balmy summer evening is expected for spectators on the steps in front of the stage in the park. In the evening the guitar duo around Frank Haunschild and Vitaliy Zolotov and of course we play: TA2

Godzilla in the control room

2nd video shoot completed in Stöffelpark

The last results of the shoot from the Stöffelpark were so incredibly good that we decided to film again on the industrial park grounds. This time, the choice fell on an old control room. Despite the small square meters, we and the film crew from the Virtueller Hut managed to pack the entire band including backline and five cameramen into the room. The result is amazing, but unfortunately still has to wait a while. The four musicians are very busy over the summer time – but it remains to be expected that the cut will be shown in late summer on our video page or on Peter Autschbach's YouTube channel.

Alte Schmiede in the Stöffelpark

Video shoot in Stöffelpark completed

After the shooting in Halle 2 with the team from the Virtueller Hut was an absolute success and had been incredible, we decided to work together with the same team again. This time, however, in the incredibly photogenic Stöffelpark – an industrial area from ancient times in the tranquil village of Enspel in the German Westerwald. In the building of the so-called Alte Schmiede incredibly beautiful pictures were created: The huge historical machines offered a fantastic backdrop for us four musicians from TA2. Three tracks were recorded on the storage media of the cameras, including a brand new and unreleased song composed by Peter Autschbach, namely "Movin'". The other two tracks "Chasing The Beat" and "Cool" are reissues. You will soon be able to play the edited versions of these compositions in the videos section or on Peter Autschbach's YouTube channel.

Premiere of the videos on YouTube

Premiere of our videos on YouTube

The tension rises! Because we are proud to be able to announce the premiere of the results of our three production days on the video platform YouTube: On TA2 with the song Welcome Marta can be admired in picture and sound for the first time. Immediately afterwards at the second song Twilight will be broadcast. Do not forget to set up a reminder if you are a YouTube user and subscriber to Peter Autschbach's channel. Of course, both videos will remain on YouTube after the premiere. But to be there at the premiere is definitely worth it: Tell your loved ones and friends, share the link as much as you can - you won't regret a second!

Welcome Marta →
Twilight →

TA2 while editing

Video editing almost done

We are incredibly enthusiastic about what was on the memory cards of the filming cameras from our shooting day on June 10th and are now happy to have almost finished the video editing. In a two-day campaign in the heat of the day, we will soon have the videos for the two pieces Welcome Marta and Twilight ready and will later treat ourselves to an ice-cold beer after our work is done!

TA2 during video shoot

TA2 during the video shoot in 'Halle 2'

After founding TA2 in April 2021, it quickly became clear: We need videos to be able to present our first two songs to a wide audience. Due to the good experience with the film crew from 'Der virtuelle Hut', we decided to work with the team's technicians again. A disused factory hall (Halle 2) in Wenden near Siegen, which offers us a fantastic atmospheric background for our moving images, serves as a suitable backdrop for today's shooting. At the same time we use this incredible location to take a few photos with Irina Missal (Irinas Fotowelt). We are excited to see the material and will soon start post-production of the videos...
(Photo: ©2021 Irina Mirja)

TA2 coding has started

TA2 Internet presence now online

The work on our website is picking up speed: After registering the domain (and even the brand name TA2 at the German Patent and Trademark Office), we are now busy working on the source code. The basic structure is in place and, in addition to fine-tuning and tweaks, the content of the site grows gradually - so it's worth visiting our site every now and then. In parallel to the website, we are also working on our personal pages on the social media Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and posting diligently when there is new content and something new to report. We look forward to seeing you - our fan base! We look forward to a lively exchange, and if you have any questions, suggestions or criticism while the site is in the test phase, please send an email to webmaster[at]ta2[dot]de

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