Peter Autschbach
Peter Autschbach – gtr / comp
Marta Danilkovich
Marta Danilkovich – vl / keys
Nico Deppisch
Nico Deppisch – bs
Jan Melnik
Jan Melnik – dr

Peter Autschbach's strengths are his brilliant and expressive melodies, which are expressed in an energetic liveliness. The guitarist's compositions have both a poetic and down-to-earth aspect. His style of playing alternates between rock, folk and jazz in which no stylistic cliché comes to the fore. What he tackles and implements musically is not subject to dictation but breathes the spirit of free self-restraint.
With TA2, he has assembled a quartet that presents his acoustic wanderings through the musical landscape in a group sound where the most diverse timbres and tones are expressed in the form of organized independence.
There is a clever balance between Autschbach, Marta Danilkovich (violin), Nico Deppisch (bass) and Jan Melnik / Jordan Proffer (drums) in terms of open musical interaction. The themes are usually formulated by guitar and violin in an unpretentious but haunting way. Both members make the sound possibilities of their instruments shine in unison and complement each other in dialogue that is fresh, original, robust and at the same time sensitive. The pieces also offer enough space for spontaneous interactions, which suit the skills and musical thinking of the two soloists enormously. In this context, they are eloquent team players and are audibly at ease in their musical interaction.
Nico Deppisch's carefully inspired bass and Jordan Proffer's decisive yet integrating drumming add a bold and passionate atmosphere to the group's sound.
You can feel the lifeblood that is in this project: The inventive explosive power, the intensity and tension of which is immediately transferred to the listener. A vibrant mixture of musicality, creativity and character - which has a timeless effect.

— Jörg Konrad

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